A loan tailored to your needs

Each client is unique to us, we approach each client with full commitment and understanding.

Not every bank can find a good and cheap loan. The interest rate alone will not tell us everything about the offer.

Banks compete in the methods of attracting the largest number of clients to each other, not offering credit, which seems to be cheap. Many banks build their offers so that the future borrower would be connected with the bank as much as possible and as long as possible. The standard is already a bank account and a credit card. Often, however, this is not enough to get a lower interest rate on the loan.
Our duties include selecting the most optimal loan for the client, taking into account his individual needs and expectations. The scope of services includes:

  • creditworthiness calculations
  • presentation of offers
  • submitting loan applications to 3-5 banks and supervising their processing at the bank
  • obtaining a credit decision, discussing the provisions of the contract
  • signing a contract
  • payment of the loan

Our services are completely free, we are rewarded by the banks in which your loan is activated.

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